Administration - Updating Scores by Division: Step 2 To Update Scores for an entire Division click the Update Scores by Division link from the Updating Scores page. This will display a popup "Wizard" asking you to select the Division you would like to update. Select the Division and click the Next button to continue.

This will bring up every Game in the selected Division separated by Game Date. This method of Updating Scores can produce very long lists of Games, so you may have to scroll through the popup window to find the date you are searching for or you can start from the top to Score all your Division's Games. When you have found the right date, click the Edit Game Stats button to continue. Administration - Updating Scores by Division: Step 3 The next step will look similar to the other Updating Scores section. If there are many games on the date you selected left to score, they will be separated into pages of 10 Games. Enter the Scores for each Team, you can also select the Game Status from the drop down list and leave Comments for each Game.

If you have Premium Account click the Enter Misconduct Report link. This will open a new browser window to the SportsPilot website Member Entrance. Follow the on screen instructions to enter your Misconduct Report.

When you are finished, click the Save button to return to the list of Game Dates with Games in your Division.