Administration - Scoring Preferences: Step 2 Scoring Preferences can be tailored to each individual Sport your League offers. Clicking on the Scoring Preferences link from the Updating Scores section will open a popup "Wizard" with a brief description of the next 2 Steps. Select the Sport you wish to update click the Next button to continue.

Depending on the Sport selected in Step 1, the initial scoring methods listed will vary. Read the description of each and check the box next to the option that best suits your scoring needs.

Clicking the Next button again will display more specific Scoring Preferences based on the scoring method you selected. Enter in the numerical values for each option and click the Finish button when you are done. Administration - Scoring Preferences: Step 3 This will take you back to Step 1. If your League has more Sports that need Scoring Preferences set, repeat the previous steps for each. When all of your preferences are set, click the Close Window button to

Note: Changing your Scoring Preferences will only affect newly scheduled games.
All previously scheduled games will remain unchanged.