Administration - Add Teams Once you have at least one Division created you can begin Adding Teams so you can begin Scheduling. To begin Adding Teams click on the Add Teams to this Division Add Teams to this Division icon in the Options column next to the Division's Name. You may also be redirected to this section automatically after setting up a New Division.

Adding Teams is done through a popup window. On your left you will see a list of Teams already associated with the Division. If this is a New Division, the message 'There are no teams in this Division' will be displayed. On the top-right of the popup window you will see a message of how many Teams you have left to Add. This depends on your Account Type and is usually Unlimited.

To Add a New Team, enter in the Team Name, and the Division. Optionally you can add the Team Manager's Name, Email Address, and Home and Work Phone numbers. When you are finished entering in the Team's details, click the Add button to add the New Team to the Division. Repeat this process for as many Teams your Division requires and then click the Finish button when all your Teams have been added. This will return you to the Division Setup page.

This page can also allow you to Edit and Remove existing Teams in a Division. To Edit a Team, click on the Team Name from the list on the left. The details entered for that Team will then be displayed. Change the information as necessary and then click the Update button to save the new Team Details. To Remove a Team click on the Remove link next to the Team Name from the list on the left. You will be asked to confirm your decision to Remove this Team.

WARNING: Removing a Team will also Permanently Remove all references to it in previously scheduled games.