Administration - Add a New Division Adding a new Division is the first step to creating your first Schedule, it will also associate a new Sport with your League in SportsStandings. You may add as many Divisions for as many Sports you need, but only one is required.

To add a new Division click the Add a New Division link at the top of the page. This will open a popup window with the options available for your new Division. Enter in a Division Name, an Abbreviation for short-hand reference, and then select a Sport from the drop down list.

Lastly click the button labeled Set Start Date to open another popup window with a calendar. Use the navigation controls to select your Start Date and finally click on the Day you wish to begin. Follow similar steps for the End Date by clicking the Set End Date button.

When you are finished click on the Add Division button to continue, at which point you will be asked if you would like to go to the Team Setup Wizard. This is the next step in creating a Schedule where you can Add Teams. Click the OK button to continue to the Team Setup Wizard or the Cancel button to return to the Division Setup page. Clicking the Close Window button will cancel any changes you have made.