Administration - Player Interaction Your website can offer much more than just Schedules, Scores, and Standings to your Players. You can also deliver other content, such as Rules, Calendars, News, Photos, Maps, and More...

This will be laid out for your Players in a manner similar to your Menu Bar. Clicking on the Player Schedules/Site button in your Menu Bar will take you to exactly what your Players and Fans will see. Clicking the Go to League Administration button will bring you back to the Main Menu.

When logged in as an Administrator, the Schedules you see may include highlighting. Games highlighted in   Yellow   have been recently changed, while Games highlighted in   Red   have conflicts that should be immediately resolved. To clear these highlights, click the Remove Highlights link at the top of the Schedule.

NOTE: Most of these Player Interaction pages allow Advanced Users to use Embedded HTML to format their content. You take responsibility for any and all content posted on these pages.