Please see the Scores section for reference on this subject.


WARNING: Once you rank your playoffs you can no longer edit any regular season schedule information.
Do this only after all regular season games have been played.

SportsStandings provides a tool to easily rank your Playoff Games automatically.

When you are ready to create a Playoff Schedule, select the Schedule you wish to rank by clicking on the name. You will be asked to confirm your selection, as to prevent rendering the wrong schedule impossible to edit or score.

The rules for automatic ranking are as follows:
  1. Winner of each league will be determined by most games won.
  2. If two or more teams are tied, the winner will be the team that defeated the other.
    (e.g. 'A','B', and 'C' have identical win-loss records, but 'A' beat both 'B' and 'C'; 'A' would be the winner.)
  3. If there is a split between two or more teams, the winner will be the team that gave up the least amount of runs/points against the teams involved in that tie.
  4. If still tied, the team that has given up the least amount of runs/points to all opponents within the league is the winner.
NOTE: Schedules will only appear on this page when all the games have been properly Scored.