Administration - Add a New Season This section of the Main Menu is where you can Add a New Season and perform basic maintenance for your League and Site.

Add a New Season

To add a new Season, click the link labeled Add a New Season. This will open up a pop up "Wizard" with a brief description of how to add a Season. Click Next to continue.

Simply select the type of Season and the corresponding Year, and click the Add button. You can add as many Seasons as you need. Administration - Change Web Name Change Web Name

The Web Name for your League is what Players will use to view your schedules online. It combined with the web address will connect directly to the Schedules and content you publish. It will also appear on all Printed Schedules for easy access.

You can click the Change Web Name link at anytime to change your address on the web. Just enter your new Web Name and click the Save Name button.

Addresses typically look like:

NOTE: This this does NOT change your actual League Name within the system, only the web address.

Logos/Images Setup Administration - Logos/Images Setup You can Upload images from your computer to use as League Logos or Facility Images. Start by clicking the Logos/Images Setup link. League Logos will appear in the upper-left corner of your Administration pages, the Schedule and Content pages seen by your Players, and Printed Schedules. Facility Images are typically Pictures, Layouts, or Maps of your Facilities. These can be found by your Players, in the Maps section of your Site.

If you have your Leagues Logo in GIF or JPEG (JPG) format and it is 125x125 pixels or less, click on the League Logos link to open a popup window. Click on the Browse button and browse through your computer until you find the right image. Alternatively you can type in the path if you already know where the file is located. Finally click the Upload Image button.

If you have a Facility Image in GIF or JPEG (JPG) format and it is 600x800 pixels or less, click on the Facility Images link to open a popup window. Then follow the same instructions as uploading a League Logo. Administration - Users Users

If at any time you need to Add, Remove, or Edit any Users associated with your League, just click the Users link. Here you can create various Users for various Administration Tasks.

To Add a new User click the Add User link. From here you can either fill out the new User's information, or you can enter an existing login from other SportsPilot services, such as ISIS, to use the details already entered on that user. Click the Save button when you have finished, and the Back to Users button when all of your Users have been added.

To Remove a User click on the Remove link next to the particular User's Name, under the Options column. The Current User can NOT be Removed.

To Edit an existing User click on the name of the individual you wish to update. This will bring up their current information for you to change. Click on the Save button when all your changes are complete, and the Back to Users button to return to the Users section of the Main Menu.

NOTE: First and Last Names, Email Address, User Name, and Password are all required. Permission Levels determine exactly what Administration pages the particular user can view.

View/Change (League Admin Info) Administration - View/Change (League Admin Info)

This is where you can go to change most of the information initially entered when you signed up for a SportsStandings account. Click the View/Change link, enter all your updated information, and click the Update League Information button when you are finished.

NOTE: First and Last Names, League Name, Email Address, User Name, and Password are all required. A Confirmation Password is required only if you attempt to change your existing Password. Everything else is optional. City and State are can NOT be changed. Please contact SportsPilot if you wish to update your City or State.