Setting up Facilities is a necessary step before Scheduling Games. Create entries for all your Facilities, Fields, and Game Times here. Administration - Facilities Facilities

To manage the Facilities associated with your League, click on the Facilities link. This will display a list of current Facilities and the number of Fields they have available.

To Add a new Facility click the Add a New Facility link. This will open a popup "Wizard" with a brief description of adding Sports and Fields to your new Facility. Click the Next button to continue. Enter the Name, Address, and Location (City and State) and press the Next button again to continue. Finally Add the required Fields to the Facility by entering the Field Name, and the Sport associated with it. Both a Field Name and a Sport must be given to successfully add the Field. Create as many Fields as you need, and click the Finish button to close the popup window.

To Edit an existing Facility click on the Facility's Name you wish to update. This will take you to the same "Wizard" as Adding a Facility just one step ahead with existing information already filled in.

To Edit an existing Field, double-click on the existing Field from the list in Step 3. You may then change the Field's Name and Sport, then click the Update button when you are finished. If choose not to Edit the Field after you double-click on it, click the Cancel Edit button.

NOTE: If you have any Multi-Sport Fields (e.g. Softball/Baseball) simply add that field for each Sport, and it will appear on the screen when selecting Divisions.

To Remove a Facility from your list, click on the trash can picture next to the facility name, under the Options column.

WARNING: Removing a Facility or Field will also Permanently Remove all references to it in previously scheduled games. Administration - Set Game Times Set Game Times

Use this select which Game Times will be available to each individual Sport. Click on the Set Game Times link to open up a popup "Wizard" with a brief description of how to set Game Times. Click the Next button to continue.

To Add new Sport specific Game Times, start by selecting the appropriate Sport and approximate time of day (i.e. AM or PM). Next click on which exact times you wish for the Sport to be played. They are in 5 minute intervals. To select a large block of time, click the time you would like to set as the Start Time and hold down the Shift Key while you scroll and click the End Time. If you would like to select multiple times that are more segregated, hold down the Ctrl Key while you select each 5 minute time period. When you are finished selecting times, click the Add button. You can Add as many Game Times as you need.

NOTE: Setting Game Times is optional, but by adding a Sport specific time, that time will automatically be chosen when creating a new Division of that Sport.

To Remove a specific Game Times from a Sport, check the box next to each 5 minute period you wish to make unavailable. When you are finished click the Remove button at the bottom of the popup window.

WARNING: Removing a Game Time will also Permanently Remove all previously scheduled games associated with that Sport and Game Time.

When you are finished with the "Wizard," click the Finish button at the bottom of the popup window to close it. Administration - Review Facility List Review Facility List

If you would like to review all the resources used by a Sport for a given date range, use the Master Facility List. Select a Sport and initial Date then click the Next button. A list of Games, Facilities, and Fields will be displayed with their corrosponding Team Matchup.

You can navigate through different date ranges by using the <<<Preview Week and Next Week>>> links. Clicking on the Team Matchup (i.e. Team #1 vs. Team #2) will allow you to edit the games details.